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Question Without Notice No. 556 asked in the Legislative Council on 7 September 2017 by Hon Simon O’Brien

Parliament: 40 Session: 1
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      556. Hon SIMON O'BRIEN to the Minister for Regional Development:
I refer to the McGowan Labor government's plan for Collie–Preston—this is another version—and the Premier's media statement on Friday, 1 September, which includes $2 million towards a new 25‑metre indoor pool and clubrooms at Collie Mineworkers Memorial Pool.
      (1) Can the Premier please explain his government's decision to fund $2 million to construct a new 25‑metre indoor pool and clubrooms in Collie, given that the previous Liberal–National government provided $3.6 million in funding for the complete refurbishment of the 50‑metre swimming pool, new plant buildings and the construction of a new leisure pool at Collie Mineworkers Memorial Pool, which opened in 2015?
      (2) Perhaps more importantly, what approaches or applications were made by the Shire of Collie to the state government for funding for a new 25‑metre indoor pool and clubrooms in Collie?
      (1)–(2) Wow! I am so glad the member asked that question. I was very disappointed yesterday when he did not ask it, as was Mick Murray. I note that we originally got it from Hon Steve Thomas, who probably had more sense than to actually ask it.
      The Collie pool is some 50 years old.
Point of Order
Hon DONNA FARAGHER: The minister was asked a question by Hon Simon O'Brien yesterday. Whether or not something might have had the name of another member on it is irrelevant, and she should not even refer to it in the house.
The PRESIDENT: I note the member's comment. Can the minister continue with her answer, please?
Questions without Notice Resumed
Hon ALANNAH MacTIERNAN: It was an observation.
This expenditure was an election commitment. I assure members that this project for a 25‑metre indoor pool has received great support from the Collie community, and great advocacy from the Shire of Collie for a long time. It is something that the community has wanted for a long time. It is true that there was a revamp of the 50‑year‑old outdoor pool some years ago, but I remind members of just how cold it gets in Collie. In fact, often winter temperatures can fall to minus five degrees. There was a great desire in that community. As is the case in Hon Simon O'Brien's electorate, many communities have indoor pools. Collie is a town of some 9 000 people. I am sure that we can go around and do an analysis of all towns that have received assistance to get a 25‑metre indoor pool to enable vital swimming lessons to continue all year round and for hydrotherapy. A lot of mineworkers have very physical jobs, and it is important that they have hydrotherapy facilities. We are very proud of this project and we believe that the town of Collie has the right to have an indoor pool, as is enjoyed by many of the honourable member's constituents.