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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 652 asked in the Legislative Council on 10 October 2017 by Hon Simon O’Brien

Minister responding: Hon S.N. Dawson
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on 10 October 2017

      652. Hon SIMON O'BRIEN to the Minister for Environment:
I refer to the full-page advertisement on page 28 of the 9–10 September 2017 edition of The Weekend West, which is headed ''Higher Gold Royalties Will Be Lost Via GST And Destroy WA Jobs''. The picture is captioned ''Image: Supporters of the Gold Royalties Response Group opposing the proposed gold royalties increase in 2014''. The quote attributed to WA Labor leader, Mark McGowan, in the Kalgoorlie Miner on 12 August 2014 reads —
      ''When they increase this mining tax (gold royalty)...that will mean mines will close and jobs will be lost and these communities will suffer.''
      (1) Is the good-looking rooster wearing a hard hat with ''Dawson'' written on it to the far right of the photograph by any chance the minister's good self?
      The PRESIDENT: I am not sure the minister wants to be referred to as a rooster, member.
      Several members interjected.
      Hon SIMON O'BRIEN: Please; there are unruly interjections. My question continues —
      (2) Had the minister agreed to being used by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy to promote its current cause?
      (3) Noting that the minister's complete opposition to higher gold royalties is inconsistent with the government's position, will he resign from cabinet; and, if not, why not?
      Hon Sue Ellery: You are embarrassing.
      Hon SIMON O'BRIEN: No; hang on. I do not normally respond to unruly interjections like that —
      Hon Sue Ellery: Don't point your finger.
      Hon SIMON O'BRIEN: Let us wait and see what the response is from the member —
      The PRESIDENT: Yes, we will wait for that.
      Hon SIMON O'BRIEN: — then we will see who is embarrassed.
      (1)–(3) I thank the honourable member for the question. I am embarrassed, member. I have not been referred to as a good-looking rooster before. Not even my mother would say that! I would say to the member that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In relation to the question, I do not have the article. Perhaps if the member had tabled it, I might have it in front of me and could confirm whether it is me. I dare say, though, that if it says ''Dawson'' on the hat, it probably was me.
      We absolutely regret having to increase gold royalties in this state but the fact of the matter is that because of the appalling economic management of members opposite, we have been forced to do it!
Several members interjected.
Point of Order
Hon MICHAEL MISCHIN: Hon Dr Sally Talbot would appreciate this, but she made complaints in the past about people pointing their fingers at members on the other side of the chamber.
The PRESIDENT: Member, there is no point of order.
Hon Alannah MacTiernan: He's been doing it; get a mirror!
Hon MICHAEL MISCHIN: Just like Hon Alannah MacTiernan does.
The PRESIDENT: Order! If you want question time to continue, you will be quiet. There is no point of order and perhaps you need to look at how some of your own colleagues gesture from time to time.