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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 1178 asked in the Legislative Council on 12 April 2018 by Hon Robin Scott

Question Directed to the: Minister for Disability Services
Minister responding: Hon S.N. Dawson
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

(1) In reference to the 1 July 2018 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll out in Western Australia, which will see the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) assuming responsibility for the delivery of the scheme in Western Australia, given that Western Australia currently has in place mature and robust service provider infrastructure, can the Minister give a clear assurance that existing service provider infrastructure won’t be negatively impacted by the NDIS particularly in regional Western Australia where thin markets exist and market failure is likely?
(2) If no to (1), why not?
(3) Given that the State Government is estimated to contribute 58% ($1.486b) compared with the Commonwealth’s 42% ($1.08b) of the NDIS funding over the 3 year period 2017-2020, does the Minister agree that the State Government must accept its share of the responsibility for the implementation of the NDIS?
(4) If no to (3), why not?
(5) Given employment opportunities under the NDIS are expected to increase, in regional Western Australia where will the planners and support workers come from in these regional areas and who specifically will train them?

Answered on 14 June 2018

  1. Strategies are in place to support WA’s well-developed disability service system including the establishment of arrangements for a collaborative market readiness approach.
  2. Not applicable.
  3. The State Government is working in close collaboration with the NDIA and the Commonwealth to successfully implement the NDIS in WA.
  4. Not applicable.
  5. The Department of Communities is working with the State Training Board, Department of Workforce Development and National Disability Services WA– the State’s peak service provider body – to consider and develop market attraction and employment strategies to attract and retain staff with the appropriate values and skills. To ensure a strong regional focus, a Sector Workforce Development Plan is currently being developed in consultation with the regionally based service providers. The employment of Planners in regional areas is the responsibility of the NDIA.