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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 1077 asked in the Legislative Council on 22 March 2018 by Hon Nick Goiran

Question Directed to the: Parliamentary Secretary representing the Minister for Health
Minister responding: Hon R.H. Cook
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

(1) I refer to the Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects and its recommendation VI, that information about Government programs and projects should be transparent and open for scrutiny, and I ask:
(a) with regards to the Government's decision to implement Medihotels in Western Australia:
(i) will the Minister now table the full business case into the viability and sustainability of the Medihotel project at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH); and
(ii) if no to (i), why not?
(2) With regards to the business case for the FSH Medihotel:
(a) did it undertake a qualitative assessment of alternative options;
(b) if yes to (a), what were the four highest rated options;
(c) if yes to (a), will the Minister table the analysis; and
(d) if no to (c), why not?
(3) According to the business case, how many patients are expected to be accommodated by the Medihotel facility each year over the life of the contract?
(4) According to the business case, what are the estimated savings per bed per day to the state as a result of proceeding with the Medihotel contract?
(5) With regards to a contract with either Fini Group or Aegis care:
(a) has a contract with either Fini Group or Aegis Care now been signed;
(b) if no to (a), why not;
(c) if yes to (a), will the Minister table the contract; and
(d) if no to (c), why not?
(6) What is the estimated total cost to the State for the preferred proponent Fini Group to deliver and supply the 60 room hotel to the State as part of the Medihotel project?
(7) With regards to expenditure under the Medihotel contract:
(a) is there a minimum annual expenditure level under the contract;
(b) is there a maximum total expenditure level under the contract; and
(c) if yes to either (a) or (b), what is it?
(8) What period of time will the contract with Fini group for stage 1 of the Murdoch Health and Knowledge Precinct (which contains the Medihotel) apply for?
(9) What is the cost per bed, per day of the Murdoch Medihotel?
(10) How many staff and what types of staff (including their qualifications) are to be stationed on each floor/ward of a Medihotel for each hour of a 24 hour day?
(11) What are the staffing and staff qualification differences for a floor on a Medihotel when compared to a hospital ward floor that would normally have cared for these patients?
(12) I refer to the care that will be in place within the Medihotel:
(a) what is the model of care that will be adopted for use;
(b) how many nursing hours per day will be required to operate the facility; and
(c) how often will medical doctors be required to provide services in the Medihotel?

Answered on 8 May 2018

I am advised that:

(1)(a)(i): No

(1)(a)(ii): A business case for the delivery of a Medihotel has not yet been completed.

(2-4): Not applicable

(5): The Department of Health has not signed a contract with Fini group or Aegis care.

(6) Refer to (1)(a)(ii)

(7-12) Not applicable. Refer to question 5.