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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 90 asked in the Legislative Council on 23 May 2017 by Hon Simon O’Brien

Minister responding: Hon S.M. Ellery
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on

      90. Hon SIMON O'BRIEN to the Minister for Education and Training:
I refer to the tuition fees charged to the parents of schoolchildren residing in Western Australia on certain visa categories.
(1) Is the government contemplating changes to these fees?
      (2) If yes to (1), when will the minister advise that the fees will or will not be changed and the amounts that parents may expect to pay in 2018 and beyond?
Hon SUE ELLERY replied:
I thank the member for the question.
      (1)–(2) This is a good question because the member will recall the controversy and what turned out to be a bit of a debacle with the changes to fees for students whose parents were on 457 visas. I do not have any immediate plans to revisit that. The member will recall that during the course of the last two years, certain exemptions and changes were made to the changes that were announced originally. I do not have any plans. It is an issue that has been somewhat diminished because of the changes in our economic climate and the diminishing requirement for 457 visa workers. It is, I think, somewhat diminished, but it is an area that I will undertake to have a look at, and if I am able to provide the member with more information, I will.