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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 669 asked in the Legislative Council on 13 March 2018 by Hon Alison Xamon

Question Directed to the: Minister for Education and Training
Minister responding: Hon S.M. Ellery
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to the Minister’s decision to de-gazette the Landsdale Farm School, and I ask:
(a) were any of the following programs, courses or services provided or supported by the Landsdale Farm School in 2017:
(i) special education programs;
(ii) VET Certificate courses;
(iii) programs for visiting students linked to the Western Australian curriculum;
(iv) links with Education Support Centres and schools; and
(v) professional learning offered to teachers;
(b) if yes to any of (a)(i–v), please provide the name of the program, course or service and the number of individuals attending or accessing in 2017;
(c) will these programs, courses and services all be maintained under a private provider;
(d) if no to (c), which ones will be cut;
(e) what will happen to the Landsdale Farm School staff when the school is de-gazetted; and
(f) what savings does the Minister anticipate will be achieved by outsourcing Landsdale Farm School to a private provider?

Answered on 11 April 2018

From the end of 2018, Landsdale Farm School will be de-gazetted as a school (it has never enrolled students), with the priority being for the site to remain as a community resource, with access for education support students (students with disability) being part of any new arrangement. Landsdale Farm School is a valuable community asset. It attracts approximately 57 000 visitors a year but, of those, only about 11 500 are students. Most are community members and most of those visit on weekends and school holidays. 

The Department of Education is currently undertaking a registration of interest process for securing alternative operators for Landsdale Farm School, with a commitment to selecting one who will continue the important services for students with disability. 

(a)  (i) Yes (provided and supported);

      (ii) Yes (supported);

      (iii) Yes (supported);

      (iv) Yes (provided and supported); and

      (v) Yes (provided).

(b)  (i)  Special Education programs:

  •  Work Skills – ASDAN endorsed program – 11 students (provided)
  • Independent Living – ASDAN endorsed program – 23 students (provided)
  • Community Service – ASDAN endorsed program – 6 students (provided)
  • Photography and Multi-Media – ASDAN endorsed program – 7 students (supported)
  • Animal Care – ASDAN endorsed program – 9 students (provided)
  • Bike Rescue – 6 students (supported)
  • Year 13 Club – Social transition from school to community – 20 students (provided) 

       (ii)    VET Certificate courses:

  • Certificate I Agrifood Production – 9 students (supported)

  • Certificate I Retail – 8 students (supported)
  • Certificate II Animal Studies – 2 students (supported)
  • School-based Traineeship – Certificate II Business – 1 student (supported)       

     (iii)       Programs linked to the Western Australian curriculum – all the courses are linked to the curriculum.    

     (iv)       Links with Education Support Centres:

                 Most of the following schools share resources, including programs, teaching and assistant staff for each of the programs run at Landsdale Farm School. 

                 Other shared resources include computers, cameras, furniture, class equipment, tools, refrigerators and printers.

  • Dianella Secondary College Education Support Centre (ESC)
  • West Coast Education Support Centre
  • Cyril Jackson Campus Education Support Centre
  • Butler College (integrated program)
  • Ellenbrook Secondary College (integrated program)
  • Eastern Hills Senior High School (integrated program)

     (v)        Professional Learning:

                 Landsdale Farm School runs 11 professional learning days during the year. Staff complete a full day of in-service training before they can bring students on excursions. 36 teachers completed the professional learning in 2017.

Other courses/programs include work experience/volunteering – students from 11 schools across the metropolitan area made 618 student day visits for 2017.

(c)        The Department of Education will be conducting a Registration of Interest and Request for Proposal process to secure an alternative operator for the site. An expectation of this process will be that access to Landsdale Farm School is maintained for students with disabilities in order that programs can be delivered.

(d)       Not applicable. 

(e)        Permanent staff will be assisted to gain positions elsewhere within the Department. The successful alternative operator may also make offers of employment.

(f)        The funding of $644 318 provided in 2017 is indicative of the annual savings that will be achieved.