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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 2482 asked in the Legislative Council on 17 September 2019 by Hon Nick Goiran

Question Directed to the: Leader of the House representing the Minister for Child Protection
Minister responding: Hon S.F. McGurk
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to your tabled paper 2983, in response to my question without notice 929, where it states that "where carers are dissatisfied with a care planning decision set out in the child’s care plan, they can request a review through the Care Plan Review Panel", and I ask:
(a) how many requests for a review were made in 2018;
(b) how many reviews were undertaken; and
(c) how many days did each review take, from the applicant’s request to the applicant being notified of the outcome?

Answered on 22 October 2019

(a) In 2018, there were 19 Care Plan Review applications received.

(b) In 2018, there were six Care Plan Review Hearings.

(c) The number of business days between the date an application was received and the date the outcome letter was sent to the applicant were as follows:

  • 245
  • 220
  • 169
  • 128
  • 164, and
  • 134.