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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 349 asked in the Legislative Council on 23 June 2021 by Hon Sophia Moermond

Parliament: 41 Session: 1


349. Hon SOPHIA MOERMOND to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Community Services:

I thank the minister for her answer to my question without notice 259 on 15 June regarding commonwealth funding for the First Nations Homelessness Project. Further to her answer, I ask —

(1) Was the minister aware that this project would be decentralised to the state?

(2) Has equivalent funding been offered to the service providers that deliver the existing Thrive tenancy support program to close the gap?

Hon SAMANTHA ROWE replied:

I thank the member for some notice of the question and provide the following answer on behalf of the Minister for Community Services.

(1)–(2) Commonwealth funding decisions are a matter for the federal government. Matters regarding tenancy support programs fall under the housing portfolio. The Minister for Housing has advised that the Department of Communities has a $58 million budget for tenancy support services over five years, which has been fully allocated through a transparent and competitive tender process, in line with appropriate government procurement practices. First Nations Homelessness Project did not submit a tender proposal.

Thrive service providers work across the state and promote a culturally safe and responsive program that works with a range of organisations that have an established track record of meeting the needs of Aboriginal families.