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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 469 asked in the Legislative Council on 14 June 2018 by Hon Nick Goiran

Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on 14 June 2018


469. Hon NICK GOIRAN to the Leader of the House representing the Minister for Child Protection:

I refer to the answer to my question without notice on 13 June 2018 in which the Leader of the House informed the house that on the previous day the minister approved the reversal of the mean-spirited decision on the grandcarers assistance program following receipt of advice from the department that the minister had requested.

(1) When did the minister request the advice?

(2) If the minister requested the advice on 12 June 2018, at what time was that request made?

(3) When is the project plan for the review of the grandcarers program area due to be developed?

(4) Has a departmental officer been assigned the task of developing the project plan?

(5) If yes to (4), was the assignment of this task recorded in writing?

(6) If yes to (5), will the Leader of the House table that document?

Hon SUE ELLERY replied:

I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1) It was on Monday, 11 June 2018.

(2) Not applicable.

(3) The project plan is currently under development and due for completion by the end of July 2018 and, once complete, the minister is prepared to provide it.

(4) Yes.

(5) No.

(6) Not applicable.