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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 970 asked in the Legislative Council on 19 October 2022 by Hon Sophia Moermond

Minister responding: Hon A. Sanderson
Parliament: 41 Session: 1

Answered on


970. Hon SOPHIA MOERMOND to the minister representing the Minister for Environment:

I refer to the Waste Authority's Waste avoidance and resource recovery strategy 2030.

(1) Are all local governments in the Perth and Peel region on track to provide consistent three-bin kerbside collection systems that include the separation of food organics and garden organics from other waste categories by 2025?

(2) If not, what are the barriers to local government implementing FOGO in Perth and Peel by 2025?

(3) What support is the state government offering to regional local governments to transition to a three-bin FOGO system and what is the time frame?

The PRESIDENT: I think that question is borderline seeking a great deal of information. Minister for Environment, if you are able to provide an answer.


Thanks, President, and I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question. The following answer is provided on behalf of the Minister for Environment.

(1) Seven of the 33 local governments in the Perth and Peel regions already provide food organics and garden organics collection services, 14 local governments have committed to do so by 2025 through their approved waste plans, and 12 have not yet made a commitment to implement FOGO collection services.

(2) Uncommitted local governments have identified a range of different factors that may influence their decision to adopt FOGO services, such as contractual matters and costs. These local governments advise that they will engage with their communities to determine the feasibility of adopting FOGO collection services. The state government continues to work proactively with each of these local governments to understand their specific circumstances and identify opportunities for addressing the barriers.

(3) The state government's $20 million Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program is available to all local governments and is funded to 2025–26. Nine local governments outside the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions have received Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO funding and one additional local government application is currently being processed.