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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 820 asked in the Legislative Council on 14 October 2021 by Hon Peter Collier

Minister responding: Hon J.N. Carey
Parliament: 41 Session: 1

Answered on


820. Hon PETER COLLIER to the Leader of the House representing the Minister for Local Government:

I refer the minister to the City of Melville.

(1) Have any serious misconduct complaints been made against any elected councillors that registered electoral gifts from the Alfred Cove Action Group?

(2) If yes to (1), have any been vetted by the Corruption and Crime Commission and passed on to the� Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for action over the past 12 months; and, if yes, how many?

(3) If yes to (1), how many of these complaints have been dealt with and what was the median time for resolution?

(4) If yes to (1), what is the status of the remaining complaints that have not been dealt with?

Hon SUE ELLERY replied:

I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1)–(4) The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries advises that due to applicable confidentiality provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, it cannot disclose specific information on individual complaints or complaints about specific elected councillors. However, if the honourable member would like a briefing regarding the complaints handling process outlined in the Local Government Act 1995, the minister would be pleased to arrange one.

�In regard to the City of Melville generally, the department has received 10 complaints relating to alleged serious breaches and 48 complaints related to alleged minor breaches since January 2019. The department publishes information on complaints handled by the Local Government Standards Panel. The 2020–21 annual report for the standards panel was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on 15 September 2021. I will check that it was tabled in here as well. The annual report identifies that the average time taken to finalise complaints made to the standards panel concerning all local governments in 2020–21 was 145 days.