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Tabled Papers – Legislative Assembly

Paper No

Tabled Papers - Legislative Assembly

The following papers have been tabled in the Legislative Assembly. If an electronic copy of the report has been supplied by the reporting agency, this may be viewed (in PDF format) by clicking on titles underlined below.

Date Subject Paper
16/05/2019Question on Notice No. 49302446Firearms Licence fees for 2013–2018
16/05/2019Estimates Committees 2019, Management Committee for the2448Report of the Management Committee for the Estimates Committees
16/05/2019Joint Audit Committee2447Second review of the Financial Management Act 2006, Report No. 1
16/05/2019Criminal Investigation (Covert Powers) Act 20122445Statutory Review of the Act, May 2019
15/05/2019Auditor General, Office of the2436Audit Results Report – Annual 2018 Financial Audits, Report 19, May 2019
15/05/2019Question on Notice No. 48532441Details of assaults recorded against nurses in the West Australian health system between July and December 2017 and 2018
15/05/2019Auditor General, Office of the2435Firearm Controls, Report 18, May 2018
15/05/2019Public Accounts Committee2440Government Response to Committee Report No. 3, PCH – A Long Waiting Period – A critique of the State’s management and oversight of the Perth Children’s Hospital project
15/05/2019Auditor General, Office of the2437Information Systems Audit Report 2019, Report 20, May 2019
15/05/2019Conservation and Land Management Act 19842438Lease No. 2972/100 between the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to operate its new regional office from existing premises located on Reserve 27865 at 5 Wald St Narrogin
15/05/2019Planning, Minister for2444Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1332/41, Swan Valley Omnibus 1: Amending Plans
15/05/2019Planning, Minister for2443Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1332/41, Swan Valley Omnibus 1: Report on Submissions
15/05/2019Premier and Cabinet, Department of2439Ministerial Resourcing Report as at 18 April 2019
15/05/2019Industrial Relations, Minister for2442Statutory Review of Firefighter Cancer Legislation, Report
14/05/2019Health, Minister for24332017 and 2018 Statistics on Incidents of Violence against Nurses in relation to Question on Notice No. 4853
14/05/2019Transport, Minister for2434Infrastructure Investment Program: Western Australia Infrastructure Investments in relation to Question without Notice No. 366
14/05/2019Conservation and Land Management Act 19842422Lease No. 1974/97 between the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Peter and Edith Lucchesi and Travis and Chantelle Luzny of Manjimup for the renewal of a damsite lease for commercial purposes within State Forest 36
14/05/2019Local Government Act 19952427Local Laws - (City of Mandurah Jetties, Waterways and Marina Amendment Local Law 2018 G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Local Government Act 19952428Local Laws - (City of Rockingham Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2018 G.G. 08/05/2019)
14/05/2019Local Government Act 19952429Local Laws - (Town of Victoria Park Repeal Local Law 2019 G.G. 07/05/2019)
14/05/2019Fish Resources Management Act 19942425Management Plans - (West Coast Demersal Gillnet and Demersal Longline Interim Managed Fishery Management Plan Amendment 2019 [1414] G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Financial Management Act 20062424Notice given under section 82 of the Act by the Minister for Tourism to not provide information in relation to Legislative Assembly Question on Notice 4972 by Dr Nahan MLA
14/05/2019Health Services Act 20162426Orders - (Health Services (Fees and Charges) Amendment Order (No. 2) 2019 G.G. 07/05/2019)
14/05/2019Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 19782423Regulations - (Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Amendment Regulations 2019 G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Occupational Safety and Health Act 19842430Regulations - (Occupational Safety and Health Amendment Regulations 2019 G.G. 10/05/2019)
14/05/2019Professional Standards Act 19972431Schemes - (The Law Society of Western Australia Professional Standards Scheme (2019) G.G. 07/05/2019)
14/05/2019Professional Standards Act 19972432Schemes - (The Victorian Bar Professional Standards Scheme (2019) G.G. 07/05/2019)
09/05/2019Question on Notice No. 49522417Breakdown of prisoners to prison staff for all Western Australian prisons from 2017 to date
09/05/2019Budget 2019–202418Budget Paper No. 1: Budget Speech
09/05/2019Budget 2019–202419Budget Paper No. 2: Budget Statements Volume 1