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  • The Legislative Council meets on 11/10/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 11/10/2022
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 18/10/2022 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 18/10/2022
  • The Estimates Committee meets on 10/10/2022 (09:30 AM)
    Committee meet 10/10/2022


Petition number
Date tabled
Tabling member

Petitions - Legislative Council

Petitions tabled in the Legislative Council are referred for review by the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs. Information on petitions tabled in the Legislative Assembly can be found using the Search function on this page.

06520/09/20224642  Preservation of Mount Claremont FieldsJosephine Dawn NormanHon Dr Brad Pettitt30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
06420/09/202213449  Ban Greyhound Racing in WAMelissa HarrisonHon Dr Brad Pettitt30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
06421/09/20225228  Ban Greyhound Racing in WAMelissa HarrisonHon Dr Brad Pettitt30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
06316/08/20223750  Access to allied health services for ages 0-8Joanne Melissa MatthewsonHon Donna FaragherFinalised (21/09/22) See: Select Committee into Child Development Services
06216/08/2022784  Legalising cannabis in Western AustraliaHon Sophia Moermond MLCHon Wilson Tucker30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
06111/08/20222573  Abortion rights in Western AustraliaNicole McEwenHon Dr Brad PettittAwaiting government response
0609/08/2022765  Sewerage provisions adjacent to Kenwick Train StationRikki-Lea BuxtonHon Kate Doust30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
0599/08/202211  Safety and compensation for Port Hedland taxi driversKristi-Anne SpoljaricHon Neil Thomson30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
0589/08/2022823  School response to self-injury and suicidal behaviourMark CumminsHon Dr Steve Thomas30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
0579/08/202210294  No Further State of Emergency Declarations to be madeBianca CobbyHon Nick Goiran30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
0569/08/2022334  Commercial development at Pinnaroo Point, HillarysMitchell SiderisHon Martin Pritchard30 day submission period for principal petitioner/tabling Member
0559/08/20221017  Local government reform processDaniel HanleyHon Tjorn SibmaAwaiting government response
05416/06/2022605  Mining Act 1978Diane EversHon Dr Brad PettittAwaiting government response
05314/06/2022102  Home Indemnity InsuranceTiarna NouwlandHon Wilson TuckerAwaiting government response
05219/05/2022361  Native logging banDiana BabisHon Steve MartinAwaiting government response
05111/05/2022234  Marine fish kill in Jurien Bay MarinaPenelope NormingtonHon Sandra CarrAwaiting government response
05010/05/2022695  Minimum penalties for animal abuseKate KramaraHon Dr Brad PettittAwaiting government response
04910/05/20228318  State of Emergency DeclarationsBianca CobbyHon Nick GoiranAwaiting government response
0487/04/20222525  Manning Park in Beeliar Regional ParkAndrew JoskeHon Stephen PrattFinalised (17/08/22)
0476/04/2022558  Crime and anti-social behaviour across the KimberleyHarold TraceyHon Neil ThomsonFinalised (10/08/22)
04623/03/2022189  Oppose mandatory masks for Years 3 to 7Lauren RogersHon Dr Brian WalkerFinalised (11/05/22)
04517/03/20222116  Regional Electricity NetworkShane Love MLAHon Martin AldridgeFinalised (10/08/22)
04524/03/202247  Regional Electricity NetworkShane Love MLAHon Martin AldridgeFinalised (10/08/22)
04424/02/202270  Flood mitigation in CarnarvonAnthony VrankovichHon Neil ThomsonFinalised (10/08/22)
04323/02/20221071  Save the Black CockatoosPatrick CullenHon Stephen PrattFinalised (17/08/22)
04215/12/2021115  Department of Communities Housing in KarawaraDebra MoranHon Stephen PrattFinalised (18/05/22)
04114/12/2021146  Southern Link Road Stage 3Josephine StoneHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (6/04/22)
0408/12/2021254  Caledonian Ave, MaylandsShannon LeighHon Donna FaragherFinalised (6/04/22)
0392/12/20214642  Robinson Road, BellevueMark RichardsHon Peter Collier on behalf of Hon Donna FaragherFinalised (15/06/22)
0397/12/2021186  Robinson Road, BellevueMark RichardsHon Donna FaragherFinalised (15/06/22)
03830/11/202176  Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2021Clayton LewisHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (8/12/21)
0381/12/202171  Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2021Clayton LewisHon Wilson TuckerFinalised (8/12/21)
0382/12/202172  Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2021Clayton LewisHon Sophia MoermondFinalised (8/12/21)
03730/11/20213843  Public Health Emergency and Vaccine MandatesJasen NunnHon Sophia MoermondFinalised (11/05/22)
03618/11/2021118  Mandatory VaccinesAmber PascoHon James HaywardFinalised (6/04/22)
03517/11/20212134  East Subiaco A-Class ReservePaul ClementsHon Neil ThomsonFinalised (6/04/22)
03416/11/2021387  Electoral Reform Bill 2021Linley RoseHon Steve MartinFinalised (17/11/22)
03314/10/20212262  Release the Coroner’s Court RecommendationHenry HamelinkHon Nick GoiranFinalised (18/05/22)
03213/10/2021542  R.A.A.F Memorial in Kings ParkJustine WarrenHon Dr Brian WalkerFinalised (16/02/22)
03113/10/20214541  Glen Iris Golf CourseLeanne ChaproniereHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (20/10/21)
03012/10/2021192  Asbestos contamination Wittenoon, Eastern Gorge and YampireMaitland ParkerHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (15/06/22)
02915/09/20211710  Independent review of DBCA prescribed burning practicesDonald ClarkeHon Dr Sally TalbotPublic hearing transcripts available
02916/09/2021891  Independent review of DBCA prescribed burning practicesDonald ClarkeHon Jackie JarvisPublic hearing transcripts available
0287/09/20213  Railway junction on Rockingham Road, SpearwoodMonique GrayHon Pierre YangFinalised (27/10/22)
0272/09/2021314  Percy Doyle ReserveMary O'ByrneHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (1/12/22)
0261/09/202162  Bio-security levy imposed on residents of Boyup BrookGraham AirdHon Dr Steve ThomasFinalised (13/10/22)
02518/08/2021233  Preserving the Gnarabup CoastlineAstrid ServentyHon Jackie JarvisFinalised (23/02/22)
02417/08/20212123  Murder of Stacey Robyn ThorneHannah McGladeHon Rosetta SahannaFinalised (16/02/22)
02317/08/202112  Proposed realignment of the Southwest Freight Rail LineDavid LeitchHon Matthew SwinbournFinalised (16/02/22)
02217/08/2021438  Opposed to ban on gel blaster toysNhat TruongHon Matthew SwinbournFinalised (27/10/21)
02110/08/20212172  Public Health Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2021Henry HamelinkHon Nick GoiranFinalised (1/09/21)
0205/08/2021107  Dog Act 1976Cindy BurtHon Tjorn SibmaPublic hearing transcripts available
01924/06/2021478  Increase bus services BullsbrookDamien SeeryHon Donna FaragherFinalised (27/10/21)
01822/06/20214  Home building industry and DMIRSJames LawrenceHon Nick GoiranFinalised (13/10/21)
01717/06/202120  Staffing of school librariesBarbara LippiattHon Donna FaragherFinalised (4/08/21)
01616/06/20212  Fiona Stanley HospitalMichael DoyleHon Kyle McGinn on behalf of Hon Samantha RoweFinalised (21/09/22)
015 16/06/202156  Sound mitigation Mitchell FreewayTodd DaleyHon Martin PritchardFinalised (13/10/21)
01415/06/20212941  Moratorium on subdivision in bushfire prone areasPeter BrazierHon Matthew SwinbournFinalised (21/09/22)
01315/06/20211874  Outsourcing Commonwealth Home Care Support Program in KalgoorlieDavid OatesHon Kyle McGinnFinalised (15/09/21)
012 27/05/2021170  Oppose re-zoning of Lot 5780 Down Road AlbanyDonna ThomasHon Dr Brad PettittFinalised (13/10/21)
011 27/05/2021810  Vehicle Beach Access BoranupPeter LangridgeHon Dr Steve ThomasFinalised (13/10/21)
01013/05/20211153  Oppose Greyhound RacingAlanna ChristiansenHon Alison XamonFinalised (17/11/21)
00913/05/20219526  Oppose Greyhound RacingAlanna ChristiansenHon Alison XamonFinalised (17/11/21)
00812/05/202175  Speed limit on Chapman Road BeresfordJohn Patrick LoveHon Colin de GrussaFinalised (8/19/21)
00712/05/202178  Corruption and Mismanagement in Aboriginal CorporationsMaria MeredithHon Robin ScottFinalised (1/09/21)
00611/05/202122  Caravan and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997Karl StadeHon Tjorn Sibma on behalf of Hon Simon O’BrienFinalised (23/02/22)
0055/05/202170  Allocation of a Primary School siteRoland SharpeHon Aaron StonehouseFinalised (4/08/21)
0045/05/2021280  Biosecurity levy imposed on the residents of Bridgetown-GreenbushesMichelle HumphreysHon Colin HoltFinalised (13/10/21)
0035/05/2021829  Speed Limit on Bussell HighwayAnthonia SteinbrennerHon Colin HoltFinalised (15/09/21)
0031/09/2021121  Speed limit on Bussell HighwayAnthonia SteinbrennerHon James HaywardFinalised (15/09/21)
0025/05/2021548  Dardanup Waste Precinct and LandfillFiona MoriartyHon Colin HoltFinalised (15/09/21)
0015/05/20211038  Pinjarra Alumina RefinerySharon Parker-BrownHon Colin HoltFinalised (15/09/21)