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Get involved

Parliament’s decisions affect all Western Australians. Parliament actively encourages community participation in parliamentary decision-making, and these are the ways you can get involved.

Member standing and smiling in the members corridor at Parliament House

Have your say

Have your say about the things that are important to you.

Find your MP

You can search by member surname, electorate, postcode, suburb or region

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Contact a member

Members of Parliament (MPs) are your representatives in Parliament.
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Petitions allow community members to request the Parliament to consider a local or personal grievance.
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Make a submission

Submissions are an important way that committees gather evidence on an issue.
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Public hearings

Committees speak with government, organisations, experts and community members as part of their investigations
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What Parliament does

Parliament makes laws, allocates and scrutinises government expenditure and debates issues of importance to the community.
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Vote in an election

The right to vote is a key feature of our system of representative democracy.
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Parliamentary Friendship Groups

Established by members of Parliament, these groups raise awareness of an issue or increase liaison with an organisation or group.
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